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Weight Pulling is a dog sport involving a dog pulling a cart or sled loaded with weight a short distance across dirt/ gravel, grass, carpet, snow or concrete.

Many breeds participate in this sport with dogs being seperate into classes by weight.  Sled dog and bull breeds excel within their respective weight classes, having been historically bred to pull sleds and carts as working dogs, respectively.  The dog is hitched to the cart or sled with a specially constructed harness designed to spread the weight and minimize the chance of injury.

Brief introduction to the rules:

  • Dogs must be over 18mths of age to compete.
  • Bitches in season cannot attend a Weight Pull event.
  • All handlers must be ANKC members.

Weight Classes 

All dogs shall be weighed prior to commencement of the Competition and their weight recorded.

Dogs will be entered in weight classes as follows:

  • 15 - < 27 kilo class;
  • 27 - < 36 kg class;
  • 36 - ​< 45kg class; and
  • 45 kilo and over class

Novice - Each weight class can have an additional class for novice dogs. A novice dog is a dog that has competed in 3 or less competitions.


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Staffords In Need

Staffords In Need

Staffords in Need is a small Victorian based group of volunteers helping to connect people who love the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and American Staffordshire Terrier breeds and wish to make a difference to those in need.

QLD Staffy & Amstaff Rescue

QLD Staffy & Amstaff Rescue

We are about improving the lives of Staffordshire Bull Terriers and American Staffordshire Terriers and their crosses in need by providing rescue, foster care, education, training support, and adoption into safe and loving homes.

Staffy Rescue

Staffy Rescue

Staffy Rescue is a registered animal welfare charity committed to trying to save and rehome as many Staffordshire bull terriers and larger breed dogs as possible. Staffy Rescue rescues dogs from death row at pounds across NSW and kennels them at our shelter in north western Sydney.

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