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Championship Show
2nd May, 2015
Judge: Mr Bob Busby (USA ~ DiDio Kennels)

Baby Puppy Dog (1ent)

1st ~ Blueskystafs Fully Loaded ~ Ireland
(Tothemax Kid Rock x Zenrani Ladys Angel)

Baby Puppy Bitch (2ent, 1ab)

1st ~ Dinamyte Cherry Bomb ~ McKay/ Hill
(Sup Ch. Ozmyte The Deeds Done x Aust Ch. Amstarfx Heidi Ho E.T.)

Minor Puppy Dog (0ent)

Minor Puppy Bitch (1ent)

1st ~ Iroq Second Edition (AI) ~ Green
(Aust Ch. Iroq Just Cruisin x Aust Ch. Zforce Stop N Stare (AI))

Puppy Dog (1ent)

1st ~ Firewalk Breakin Bad ~ Keedle/ Major/ Walker
(Aust Ch. Firewalk Breakin The Rulez (AI) x Aust Gr Ch. Amerotic Miss Indiana)

Puppy Bitch (1ent)

1st ~ Anitefire Lovin This Party ~ Tschutura/ Brickland
(Hun Jr Ch. Aj Artillery's Party Boy (SVN) x Srb/ Aust Ch. Marycruz of Flight Staff (Imp SRB))

Junior Dog (2ent)

1st ~ Rydarra Son of Devils (AI) ~ Carter
(Big 'R'  Smokey The Bandit (USA) x Rydarra Red Devil Lady (AI))
2nd ~ Icerainstafs Mr Chuck ~ Jackson
(Aust Ch. Icerainstafs Norris x Aust Ch. Amstafwariaz Cuba) 

Junior Bitch (3ent, 1ab)

1st ~ Aust Ch. Cierrasedge Platinum Princess ~ Ling
(Meadowbrooks Outlaw (Imp USA) x Aust Gr Ch. Rufdiamonz Platinum Cruiser)
2nd ~ Jasuke Madame ~ Bailey
(Andonas Digger x Attrait Le Paris) 

Intermediate Dog (1ent, 1ab)


Intermediate Bitch (5ent, 1ab)

1st ~ Anitefire Miss Coco Chanel ~ Ditton
(Multi Ch. Orion Red Mist King Of Rings (Imp SRB) x Aust Ch. Anitefire Cinnamon Mist)
2nd ~ Aust Ch. Newbelle Live Wire ~ Anderson/ Talbot
(Aust Ch. Newbelle Acdc E.T. x Newbelle Black Betty) 
3rd ~ Aust Ch. Robanty Park Avenue Pollyanna ~ Hill
(Aust/ Neut Ch. Towilla Impressive Poker Face x Towilla Deltastar)

Graduate Dog (0ent)


Graduate Bitch (1ent)

1st ~ Proamstafs Rockin Ravin ~ Boucher
(Proamstafs Cougar x Proamstafs Tiger Lily)

Limit Dog (1ent)

1st ~ Staffwild Licence To Thrill ~ Gordon
(Rizenstar Thunder Clap X Aust Ch. Staffwild Its Electric)

Limit Bitch (2ent)

1st ~ Staffwild Super Overdrive ~ Gordon
(Rizenstar Thunder Clap x Aust Ch. Staffwild Its Electric)
2nd ~ Andonas Pretty Xena Warrior ~ Jackson
(Andonas Brave Warrior x Andonas Honey Bride) 

State Bred Dog (3ent, 2ab)

1st ~ Aust Ch. Icerainstafs Norris ~ Bailey
(Aust Ch. Icerainstafs First Class Color x Aust Ch. Zephyramstafs Lil Star Glazor (AI))

State Bred Bitch (3ent, 1ab)

1st ~ Aust Ch. Ravinboutya Twentyfour Seven ~ Boucher
(Sup Ch. Ozmyte The Deeds Done x Proamstafs Rockin Ravin)
2nd ~ Anitefire Party In Paradise (AI) ~ Tschutura/ Gowen
(Hun Jr Ch. Aj Artillery's Party Boy (SVN) x Srb/ Aust Ch. Marycruz of Flight Staff (Imp SRB))

Australian Bred Dog (4ent, 1ab)

1st ~ Aust Ch. Newbelle Acdc E.T. ~ Anderson/ Talbot
(Aust Ch. Newbelle Blue Onyx E.T. x Aust Ch. Newbelle Ziggy Stardust)
2nd ~ Aust Ch. Rythmnblu Lil Hawaiian Kuma (AI) ~ Dowdell
(Big 'R' Rhino (USA) x Aust Ch. Zforce Kiss My Halo)
3rd ~ Aust Ch. Tredanky Ready To Rumble ~ Ditton
(Aust Ch. Tredanky Octane N Power x Aust Ch. Tredanky Watch Me Be Hot (AI)) 

Australian Bred Bitch (6ent, 2ab)

1st ~ Aust Ch. Iroq In Harmony ~ Green
(Aust Ch. Iroq Just Cruisin x Aust Ch. Zforce Stop N Stare (AI)) 
2nd ~ Aust Ch. Amseraphs Majestic Ruler ~ Skews
(Aust Ch. Amseraphs Most Wanted (AI) x Aust Ch. Amseraphs Divine Tempation)
3rd ~ Aust Ch. Anican Keep The Faith ~ Wilson
(Aust Gr Ch. Anican Weapon X x Aust Ch. Anican Heavenly Bliss)

Open Dog (3ent, 1ab)

1st ~ Aust Ch. Anitefire The Main Event ~ Tschutura
(Castle-Rock Sbigstaff's Gun Powder N Lead (USA) x SRB/ Aust Ch. Marycruz of Flight Staff (Imp SRB)) 
2nd ~ Aust Ch. Anican Chance Encounter ~ Wilson
(Al Capone Of Flight Staff (Imp SRB) x Anican Summer Breeze)

Open Bitch (3ent)

1st ~ LBK's Cookies N Cream (Imp USA) ~ Taylor
(Am Gr Ch. Castle-Rock Sbigstaff's Appetite For Destruction (USA) x Am Ch. Revolutions Double Stuffed (USA))
2nd ~ Staffwild Lightning Crashes ~ Gordon
(Rizenstar Thunder Clap x Aust Ch. Staffwild Its Electric) 
3rd ~ Aust Ch. Koroneos See Ma Precious ~ Eadie
(Aust Ch. Tredanky Cee Me Roc N Hot (AI) x Aust Ch. Koroneos Buggaslitlegirl)

Veteran Dog (2ent, 1ab)

1st ~ Sup Ch. Ozmyte The Deeds Done ~ Keedle
(Aust Ch. Dinamyte Dirty Deeds x Aust Ch. Ozmyte Maia The Jersey Cow)

Veteran Bitch (1ent)

1st ~ Aust Gr Ch. Amerotic Miss Indiana ~ Walker
(Immortalz Harley x Aust Ch. Kamameroo Karmic Blue)

Dog Challenge 

 Aust Ch. Anitefire The Main Event (AI)

Bitch Challenge 

 Anitefire Miss Coco Chanel

Reserve Dog Challenge

 Sup Ch. Ozmyte The Deeds Done

Reserve Bitch Challenge  

 Aust Ch. Ravinboutya Twentyfour Seven

Neuter Dog (3ent, 1ab)

1st ~ Aust/ Neut. Ch. Towilla Impressive Poker Face ~ Hill
(Towilla Red Hot x Aust Gr Ch. Towilla Awesome Edge) 
2nd ~ Aust Gr Ch. Staffwild Rising Power ~ Skews
(Aust Ch. Havfun Bad Habit x Aust Ch. Tigerboy Sasha)

Neuter Bitch (1ent, 1ab)

BEST IN SHOW ~ Aust Ch. Anitefire The Main Event (AI)
RUNNER UP BEST IN SHOW ~ Anitefire Miss Coco Chanel
BABY PUPPY IN SHOW ~ Blueskystafs Fully Loaded 
MINOR PUPPY IN SHOW ~ Iroq Second Edition 
PUPPY IN SHOW ~ Firewalk Breakin Bad 
OPPOSITE SEX PUPPY IN SHOW ~ Anitefire Lovin This Party (AI) 
JUNIOR IN SHOW ~ Aust Ch. Cierrasedge Platinum Princess 
OPPOSITE SEX JUNIOR IN SHOW ~ Rydarra Son of Devils (AI) 
INTERMEDIATE IN SHOW ~ Anitefire Miss Coco Chanel 
GRADUATE IN SHOW ~ Proamstafs Rockin Ravin 
LIMIT IN SHOW ~ Staffwild Super Overdrive 
STATE BRED IN SHOW ~ Aust Ch. Ravinboutya Twentyfour Seven 
OPPOSITE SEX STATE BRED IN SHOW ~ Aust Ch. Icerainstafs Norris 
AUSTRALIAN BRED IN SHOW ~ Aust Ch. Newbelle Acdc E.T. 
OPEN IN SHOW ~ Aust Ch. Anitefire The Main Event (AI) 
OPPOSITE SEX OPEN IN SHOW ~ Aust Ch. LBK's Cookies N Cream (Imp USA) 
VETERAN IN SHOW ~ Sup Ch. Ozmyte The Deeds Done 
OPPOSITE SEX VETERAN IN SHOW ~ Aust Gr Ch. Amerotic Miss Indiana 
NEUTER IN SHOW ~ Aust/ Neut Ch. Towilla Impressive Poker Face




Amstaff Rescues

Staffords In Need

Staffords In Need

Staffords in Need is a small Victorian based group of volunteers helping to connect people who love the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and American Staffordshire Terrier breeds and wish to make a difference to those in need.

QLD Staffy & Amstaff Rescue

QLD Staffy & Amstaff Rescue

We are about improving the lives of Staffordshire Bull Terriers and American Staffordshire Terriers and their crosses in need by providing rescue, foster care, education, training support, and adoption into safe and loving homes.

Staffy Rescue

Staffy Rescue

Staffy Rescue is a registered animal welfare charity committed to trying to save and rehome as many Staffordshire bull terriers and larger breed dogs as possible. Staffy Rescue rescues dogs from death row at pounds across NSW and kennels them at our shelter in north western Sydney.

Staffies United Rescue

Staffies United Rescue

Staffies United Rescue (SUR) is a not for profit dog rescue. We are entirely managed and run by volunteers. We are dedicated to helping Staffies in need, improving the breed's reputation and we are highly committed to educating the community about responsible pet ownership.

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