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Saturday, 21 November 2015

2011 Championship Show ~ Mrs Linda Flegg (NZ)

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Rufdiamonz Mai Tai

Best In Show
Image ID: Rufdiamonzmaitai.jpg

Rythmnblu Lil Hawaiian Kuma (AI)

Runner Up Best In Show
Image ID: Rythmnblulilhawaiiankuma.jpg

Avater Taking Flight (AI)

Baby Puppy In Show
Image ID: Avatertakingflight.jpg

Gracen Embrace The Aftershock (AI)

Opposite Sex Baby Puppy In Show
Image ID: Gracenembracetheaftershock.jpg

Anitefire Cotton Socks

Minor Puppy In Show
Image ID: Anitefirecottonsocks.jpg

Ravinboutya Split Decision

Puppy In Show
Image ID: Ravinboutyasplitdecision.jpg

Tredanky Indigo Party Girl

Opposite Sex Puppy In Show
Image ID: Tredankyindigopartygirl.jpg

Amsassy Fallen Angel

Junior In Show
Image ID: Amsassyfallenangel.jpg

Gananamstaff Zared Asher

Opposite Sex Junior In Show
Image ID: Gananamstaffzaredasher.jpg

Rufdiamonz Mai Tai

Intermediate In Show & Dog Challenge
Image ID: Rufdiamonzmaitai1.jpg

Aust Ch. Rufdiamonz Platinum Cruiser

Opposite Sex Intermediate In Show
Image ID: Rufdiamonzplatinumcruiser.jpg

Rizenstar Band of Skulls

Graduate In Show
Image ID: Rizenstarbandofskulls.jpg

Staffwild Razors Edge

Opposite Sex Graduate In Show
Image ID: Staffwildrazorsedge.jpg

Rufdiamonz Miss B Havin

Limit In Show
Image ID: Rufdiamonzmissbhaven.jpg

Rizenstar Thunderclap

Opposite Sex Limit in Show
Image ID: Rizenstarthunderclap.jpg

Staffwild Iron Horse

State Bred In Show
Image ID: Staffwildironhorse.jpg

Aust Ch. Amstarfx Heidi Ho

Opposite Sex State Bred In Show
Image ID: Amstarfxheidiho.jpg

Koroneos Hard Two Top

Australian Bred In Show
Image ID: Koroneoshardtwotop.jpg

Aust Ch. Attomoy Desert Rose

Opposite Sex Australian Bred In Show
Image ID: Attomoydesertrose.jpg

Aust Ch. Rythmnblu Rumour Has It

Open In Show
Image ID: Rythmnblurumourhasit.jpg

Aust Ch. Staffwild High Voltage

Opposite Sex Open In Show
Image ID: Staffwildhighvoltage.jpg

Aust Gr Ch. Attomoy Blue Sky Mine

Veteran In Show
Image ID: Attomoyblueskymine.jpg

Laexotica Gitanazabache

Neuter In Show
Image ID: Laexoticagitananzache.jpg
Image ID: FDAmstarfxheidiho.jpg
Image ID: FDLaexoticagitanazabache.jpg
Image ID: FDMythikaltequilasunrise.jpg
Image ID: FDRavinboutyasplitdecision.jpg
Image ID: FDSonicstaffdallasdarlin.jpg
Image ID: Laexoticagitananzache1.jpg
Image ID: Tinytots.jpg


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Staffords In Need

Staffords In Need

Staffords in Need is a small Victorian based group of volunteers helping to connect people who love the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and American Staffordshire Terrier breeds and wish to make a difference to those in need.

QLD Staffy & Amstaff Rescue

QLD Staffy & Amstaff Rescue

We are about improving the lives of Staffordshire Bull Terriers and American Staffordshire Terriers and their crosses in need by providing rescue, foster care, education, training support, and adoption into safe and loving homes.

Staffy Rescue

Staffy Rescue

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Staffies United Rescue

Staffies United Rescue (SUR) is a not for profit dog rescue. We are entirely managed and run by volunteers. We are dedicated to helping Staffies in need, improving the breed's reputation and we are highly committed to educating the community about responsible pet ownership.

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